Style number# BA00151

Self-adhesive nipple stickers with a centre clasp pulls for nice cleavage.


How to use?

Place silicone push up padding on the inside edge of the bra, adjust to suitable position.

How to clean?

Wash with mild detergent and water, dry in the air.

TPU, 100% silicone


Keep the pads in the bag and in a safe place. Keep out of the reach of children. Do not use sterilising fluid/tablets to clean the pads. Do not boil or microwave the pads. If either of the pads become punctured or damaged in any way discard immediately.

Be cautious to the substance you are allergic to. Some women experience allergic reactions to silicone pads. If you experience allergic symptoms, remove the pad immediately and seek the assistance of an allergist.

Push-up nipple stickers

Color: Nude