A corset was evaluated as a woman’s socio-cultural status and artistic accomplishments during olden days in the high society of Europe. Today, wearing a corset has become a trend of vogue. With a series of exclusive patented framework of design, EM Lingerie accentuates the beauty of a woman’s body shape, in a sexy yet elegant way.


EM Lingerie is strongly influenced by the concept of undergarment shown off as an outfit for various occasions. We strive to produce lingerie that empowers woman with self-confidence. Our designs can be the most contemporary, urban, and trendy, yet preserving the essence of the traditional. Passionate is the keynote when making every piece of our lingerie that is stylish, modern and unique. Once you own your first piece of EM Lingerie, you will appreciate the sophistication and finesse of French elegance.


EM Lingerie was born in Lyon, France, a place known as ‘The City of Lingerie’, after generations of expertise and decades of fabric experience. In 2012, EM Lingerie officially trademarked in France, concurrent with the strategic Asia Marketing Team set up in Hong Kong, and followed by standalone boutiques open across Hong Kong and Malaysia.


Our Design and Production Team combines the newest fashion trends and knowledge of lingerie into our product designs in search to give women around the world a sassy, classy yet comfortable and extraordinary lingerie experience. Every piece of our lingerie is delicately hand made with devoting craftsmanship using exquisite and luxurious fabrics from Europe, supplied by Bouvelle s.a.s, M.G.Creations, Euro Jersey etc. Based on our own signature ‘9-boned corset’, EM Lingerie brings out a beautiful hourglass figure of a woman without compromising the sense of fashion and the touch of elegance.


We strongly believe that every woman deserves her very own closet of lingerie. We have moved from a wide range of bridal corset to fashion corset for both casual and formal wear, while developing our very own series of brassiere, panty and shapewear for bridal and special occasions.  With the luxe of French designs, EM lingerie always standing by“Je porte ce que j’aime” I wear what I love. 


 Je porte ce que j'aime - em lingerie.